Celebrate 5 decades of joined memorizz

Finally we found a date and place where we can spend some wonderful time together and safely celebrate. I can’t wait to see you all in June 2022

We will spend the day in the Country Club.  For the Golfers we will start in the morning with a tournament on the European Diamond Course. All non Golfers can enjoy their  time on the wonderful beach area.

In the afternoon we will have a “Schnupperkurs” for all who would like to try out Golf with a “putting competition” in the end.

In the evening we will have dinner and party at the boathouse with the “Electronic Beat Club feat. Rachelle & Andre”  Video EB feat. AndreVideo EBC feat. Rachelle

We have organized rooms at the resort and there will also be a shuttle from Vienna and back.

Attention: There are still some rooms available. Please register prior to the deadline in your registration below. (First come first serve) There are 2 options Fr-Su ( recommended for Tournament Golfers) and Sa – Su for those joining in the afternoon/evening.

Agenda for the day

  • 10:00 – Welcome
  • 10:30 – Tournament for Golfers
  • 15:00 – Trial lesson for non Golfers with Putting Competition
  • 17:00 –  Winners Ceremony
  • 18:00 –  Welcome all Guests
  • 20:00 – Electronic Beat Club

The Boathouse

Wonderful place right at the lake of the leading golf course at the Diamond Diamond Country Club. 55 km from Vienna.

Adress: Am Golfplatz, 3452 Atzenrbrugg

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