5 Ways to scratch your travel itch without leaving your home

It’s times like these – with travel restrictions and social distancing regulations -that make you aware of how good we had it before COVID-19 took the world by storm. If you’re anything of a traveling enthusiast, these past months have most likely been slightly difficult for you to stay in good spirits without your planned holidays. But fear not, because we’ve got 5 ways for the travel lover to appease that travel bug without actually boarding a plane.

How to Scratch that travel itch from within your home

Explore online, research, plan! 

Where have you always wanted to go? Let’s just say it’s Japan! Now is the time to do your due diligence and plan for that trip! Do your research by checking out bloggers who are well travelled  and utilize that spare journal to start working on your itinerary. Walk the streets on Google Earth to get acquainted with the area. As soon as travel restrictions are lifted and safe travels can be guaranteed, you will be ready to go! All you’ll need to do is pack your bags!

Take a walk down memory lane

2020 hasn’t been the most adventurous year for any of us, so let’s focus on where 2019 took us and create some magic with that! Creating a slideshow or a photo album from all of your 2019 holidays is a great way to relive your trips! Get friends to collaborate with you, sharing their photos and messages directly to a shared album so that they too can relive the best moments of 2019. Use the app Memorizz, to collect the pictures and have them automatically turned into a photo album and slideshow within the app. Memorizz makes taking a stroll down memory lane simple. 


Travel themed dinners

We’ve all canceled a trip this year, was yours to Greece, Peru, China, Mexico? Instead of sadly moping around with your unused, canceled tickets in hand, bring the trip to you! Create a travel themed dinner with the food and drink of the country that you would be visiting! Learn to make home-made pasta and an authentic vodka sauce. Watch a movie based in the city you were going to visit and listen to music native to that country to feel immersed in the culture. 

Learn the language

You can get excited for your travels while simultaneously improving brain and memory function (bonus!). Using apps like Duolingo, Rosetta Stone and Babbel will surely help the process of learning a second language in preparation for your upcoming trip! 

Get Virtual

Take a tour of the places that you’ve always wanted to see – but online! Some attractions have begun to offer virtual tours which, of course is not as good as the real thing, but it definitely helps relieve that travel bug! Visit the Louvre in Paris or the Guggenheim in New York or the Dali Theater- Museum in Spain all from the comfort and safety of your own home!

With a little bit of technology, some imagination and creativity, we can still experience different cultures and make new memories with people that we love. And on a positive side, we can do it without any jet lag and it’s even a little bit easier on our bank accounts. Happy virtual, Covid-friendly traveling to you all!