5 tips for making a special occasion more memorable while social distancing

After months of canceling big birthday bashes, travel plans and forgoing anniversary festivities, graduation parties and wedding celebrations due to COVID-19 restrictions, social distancing may be starting to take its toll on your emotional state. We should be celebrating every momentous occasion and all the big wins of life! Our celebrations are just going to be looking a little bit different from what we’re used to. With a drop of creativity and a touch of technology, we can still make every moment feel exceptional.

5 Ways to make a special event memorable, without actually coming together 

1. Calling all friends

Schedule a group video call with your loved ones 

Whether it’s over Zoom, HouseParty or WhatsApp – scheduling a group video call during your special event will bring the warmth, comfort and support of being surrounded by your family and friends. 

2. Special delivery

Send gifts via delivery services

Sending a bouquet of fresh flowers, a bottle of champagne (or tequila), or a pair of new earrings may seem like a small gesture compared to celebrating in person with your friends but it’s the thought that counts – and in the middle of a pandemic – thoughts really count! Use delivery services like UberEats, Postmates, Instacart, GoPuff or Amazon to send some goodness to someone you care about.

3. Honk if you’re happy! 

Drive-by parades

One the most creative solutions to showing up but staying social distant is organizing a drive-by parade! Call up all the friends and family who live nearby to do a drive-by birthday celebration. Grab your balloons, streamers and handwritten posters to make the birthday person feel celebrated and loved. 

4. Highlight the best parts

Videos and slideshows

Collect videos, photos and messages from friends and family and turn it into a highlight reel for your loved ones. Make it easy on yourself and use Memorizz to easily collect the photos, videos, and messages you need from friends and family. Once collected, Memorizz will automatically organize all your photos and videos into a slideshow so you don’t have to do the work!

5. Take a walk down memory lane

Photobooks and prints 

You may not be able to celebrate your birthday at the beach this year but you can re-live last years beach celebration by printing out those photos and creating a photobook that will make your memories more tangible. Upload your photos to Memorizz and it will automatically format your photobook so it’s ready to print, no hassle. Snapfish, Shutterfly and Mixbook are some other great platforms to use to create a photobook! 

Just because we’re social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t make big moments feel special. More than ever, we all need to celebrate the big moments, little moments and all the moments in between. Who knows, your virtual Quarantine Birthday party could become the most memorable birthday yet.