Downsizing to a Microwedding: 5 Ways to Include All Your Loved Ones

If we had to describe the brides and grooms of 2020 in one word, it would be: flexible. Weddings have been canceled, postponed, and rescheduled all due to the uncertainty that Covid-19 creates. Whether brides or grooms like it or not, downsizing the guest list has been necessary in these times. If you are a bride or groom and have found yourself in the predicament of having to downsize your wedding for the sake of safety, then we hope that you’ll find some solace with these 5 tips for making the most of your microwedding. 

5 Ways to Include Your Loved Ones at Your Microwedding

1. Stream Your Nuptials Live

Technology to the rescue! Inviting additional guests to view your vows on Instagram Live or Zoom is a wonderful way to allow an unlimited number of guests to “attend” your wedding while keeping your actual guest list as small as possible. 

2. Send a Party Favor to Your Far Away Guests

Sending a small gift to your guests attending via Zoom or Instagram Live adds a special element to make them feel included throughout your big day. Think about sending these guests a small bottle of champagne for them to unbox and pop at home when it’s toast time! Think of it as a party favor for attending your wedding, virtually! 

3. Share Photos From the Day 

Ask your in-person guests to share their photos online and allow your virtual guests to watch the day unfold! Use a hashtag to compile all of the photos or use a private online eventbook with Memorizz to compile all guest images in one place. Before the wedding, share the link with guests attending your wedding physically and virtually so everyone will be able to view the images uploaded, live! 

4. Online Guestbook

Create an online guestbook with Memorizz so that all of your virtual guests can leave messages and photos of love and encouragement on your big day. It’s a great way for brides and grooms to see who was a part of their day in addition to making the virtual guests feel as included as those who attended the wedding in person. 

5. Host a Big Party Later On 

If a big wedding was always a dream of yours, keep planning and make it happen when travel restrictions and social distancing rules are lifted. An intimate microwedding now does not mean you can’t have your big, dream wedding later!