Memorizz private beta – Launch on November 9th

We’ve heard a lot about social distancing in the past few months and the year of 2020 has proven to be the most individually isolating year of this century. Yet, even though technology has sourced many avenues for communication and social interaction, governmental mandates and personal health and safety guidelines caution for physical proximity, which to us, would be better called “physical distancing”. Because it’s true, these days our social lives are heavily impacted by the physical distance between one another.

Family events, birthday parties, graduations, company gatherings are all cancelled or postponed. No hugging, kissing, handshakes or any other form of physical contact with people from different households is suggested or advised.

And that is where Memorizz comes in. We want to help close the physical gap and bring people closer together, even if it’s just virtually. We want to make sharing moments of joy easier.

For this, Memorizz provides an online platform, where a host can create an eventbook for special occasions such as a virtual birthday party. The host can then invite friends and family to share photos and messages to this online eventbook for the birthday person. Inviting guests to an eventbook is as easy as sending a text message or email.

Our platform gives users the ability to collect photos and messages from multiple sources, without the added stress of pressuring peers for their contributions. In addition to simplifying this process, Memorizz automates organizing and displaying these photos and messages by creating slideshows, photobooks and printouts for you!

Unlike Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms, we keep your moments of joy private and secure, preserved only for you, your family, your friends, or whomever you choose to invite to your eventbook.

Memorizz is available on beta right now! Sign up to become a beta tester on Memorizz to try the app for free, give feedback, report bugs, propose enhancements and for the chance to mold our new app! In return you will receive the Premium version of our app for free for a whole year!

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